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Welcome to Zubatomic Hub

Zubatomic Hub is a group of projects that showcase the best and most worked on projects currently by the Zubatomic team. Most of these projects are part of the constant attempts to solve new problems that arise in the minds of our team members.

As you browse are projects, you will find some that are still under development. The major categories are: Math problems, games, artificial intelligence, and software but as always, the largest category is "other".

See a larger list of every project every made on Zubatomic Inc.

Our projects

ManageBac plus
Peer Review Platform (PRP)
Math Coding Language
Cellular Automaton
Student council website
Snake game
Talking AI
Snake game and space invaders
A guide to computer science
Neural Network
Car Genetic Algorithm Intelligence
Little Shooter Multiplayer Game
Stargazing. Hurt.
Polka Dot Deluxe
Physics Simulations
Im Bored. Random.
Quantum computer
French Book
Chip Clicker

Some smaller projects:

Spammer hack in Java
Mandelbrot simulator
VBS spammer script
Digit recognizer
Color SAM
Apple watch clock
Tetris Arcade
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