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ManageBac plus
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This is an improved version of Faria Education Group's Managebac platform, which schools use to coordinate tasks between students and teachers. Using the JavaScript programming language, it's built as a chrome extension that makes Managebac more customizable by the student, allowing them to better organize themselves.

Using "Managebac Plus", students can hide tasks that they have already completed, see a list of tasks ordered by priority and add custom notes on the side of the dashboard to add tasks that are done throughout the course and not just finished at a particular deadline. There is also a "procrastination index", which tells you how much you leave tasks to the last minute. This can help you make adjustments to your study schedule and indicate whether you are doing a good job or not.

Apart from allowing students to better organize themselves, it also improves the UI (User Interface) of Managebac by providing several different themes to choose from. Managebac plus also adds a new community section, in which school events are shown, and in which students can collaborate on various community activities.

Managebac plus also calculates the average grade by looking at all the grades given to the student. By default, Managebac only allows teachers to see this grade, meaning that students can't easily see if they are improving or getting worse on a particular subject. For students doing the DP program (final two years of the IB), the program also combines all the estimated grades and calculates the average IB points out of 45.

Finally, Managebac plus also adds little features to improve the overall Managebac experience such as making buttons more accessible, improving the notification page and changing the color of tasks.

Developed by Sebi, Tommy, Enrique
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The chrome extension is available on the chrome web store at "https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/managebac-plus/hgnadoolipejghbljeoedihjmkeopoed", and has amassed more than 200 users in the school.

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