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My bio in pictures


I am 16 years old. I was born in Amsterdam in September 2002. I lived 5 years in Amsterdam, 3 in Luxembourg and 7 in Madrid. My parents are from Latin America (Argentina) so my mother language is Spanish, but I also speak English and now getting better at French. My grandparents are from Germany, Russia, Poland and Ukraine. I started coding roughly around 7 years ago at the age of 9, self studying Scratch and with YouTube a software called Game Maker. Since then I have studied different programming languages, apps and tools, including Scartch, Java, Javascript, HTML, PHP, Python, Blender, Unity and Arduino. I attended international schools in every city I lived. I'm a proud member of the TechTalents coding achademy here in Alcobendas, Madrid.

In the picture above, I am skiing (grey helmet) followed by Tommy, my younger brother.

Hackerspace.lu and the Syn2Cat.

I was very lucky that the members of the Hackerspace Luxembourg Club invited me to join them back in 2013.

They tought me Python and also introduced me to my first Raspberry Pi. I would go to the Hackers' Club at least twice a week, and one day a week take Python lessons. It is with them that I got to go to my first Hackaton.

At Techtalents coding academy.

For four years now, I spend most of my weekend free time at Techtalents, a Coding Academy in Madrid. There I met Jorge, pictured on the right, I'm the one on the left, who’s with me in most of my classes, and is about my age. We develop most of our projects together. He is very experienced and we also learn from each other a lot.

Topics covered so far: Processing, PHP, HTML/CSS, Blender and Unity, Object Oriented Programing and Java Script. I also covered Java and Ardiuno.

With one of the teams at the 48 hrs Hackaton in Luxembourg in 2014.

I only knew two of the team members, the rest I met at the Hackaton. It went on for two days, non-stop coding, sleeping in camping beds in between the computer tables. At night they made a great BBQ!

In this Hackaton I discovered how much better the result of a project is when you work in a team. I learned a lot from the rest, and the outcome was really good!

Presenting our project at the Hackaton, where we won the 3rd Prize! (2014)

With my team we programmed a game which used some outside of keyboard controls. You would touch an electrode, and then touch one of the four plastic pieces (shaped as fruits, so you would have to touch the orange or the bannana to move the character!), and depending on how the circuit was connected, the character would moved up or down. One of the guys in the team was super good at producing the graphics. We came in thrid and won a prize each!

In the photo we are presenting the game at the end of the Hackaton. I am the person in the blue hoodie.

Programing with Blender and Unity to create great graphics for a game.

My previous experience with Python proved very usefull while using Blender.

Here I am building car using Blender by trying to copy it from the photo on the left. This car will later be used a lot in a game that we made in a team.

With my friend Jorge (on the right) we won the First Prize in the Highlands School Hackaton (2016 and 2017 editions).

We developed a game together, that was a simple first person shooter. The goal of the project was to create realistic bullet trajectory according to gravity.

For this competition we won a drone as a prize! It was super cool but it broke shortly after though :-(

I am the one at the left.

(Look at the infinite number images in the picture through the TV)

Playing soccer for the Luxembourg International School.

I really like playing soccer with my friends. I also play defense for the school’s team. This photo is already a couple of years old, but its very well timed!

I'm not sure if you're supposed to kick the ball with both legs on the air though! (:

Chess is one of my hobbies.

I play chess in school during the breaks with my best friends because I find it very challenging, and you get better every time you play.

In this picture I am at home, and the one in the background is my brother.

Building a parking sound assistant device.

Programed with an Arduino, with an ultrasonic distance control as input and LED lights and a sound speaker as output. A nightmare to calibrate the distance, based on the speed of sound and distance.

The idea of this gadget is to put it in our garage, and help my parents parking without bumping into the bikes.

The final product, and it worked!

At the end it worked by detecting the car's proximity, and when it detected it too close to the wall, it would beep for a while and stop some time after. When the car leaves, it will reset.

It looks simple, but thanks to the un-even surfaces of the car, the beam that the proximeter sends out would sometimes not come back (I guess passing through the widshield of the car), or it would read ridiculous things. I had to debug it a lot for it to work properly.

One-week Coding Summer Boot Camps.

For kids from 8 to 16 years old, my summer camps are a 5 days coding course. Kids are able to go from zero programing knowledge to have their own game coded by themselves in MIT's Scratch language. All they need is a computer and lots of creativity. I started organizing the summer camps for coding when I was living in Luxembourg. It's a one week course to learn how to progam games in MIT's Scratch.

In this photo (I'm the one in the far left) you can see one of my classes. We would start at about 10 AM, stop after about an hour for a break (my mother would prepare something for us to eat) and then continue until lunch time when kids would go back to their homes. I prepare the classes for every day very carefully, with the list of topics I want to cover and the examples I will show the kids.

Playing the bass on the Jazz band in Luxembourg.

I wanted to play the electric guitar but there was already a guitarrist in the band, so I was offered to play the bass. I ended up really enjoying the new instrument, and I really liked how I gave the beat for the whole band.

Playing electric guitar at home in Buenos Aires.

My father likes playing the guitar and I play with him. I am getting better, but Its not my number 1 hobby.

In the photo, I am in my nephews house in buenos aires.

Welding the electronics of a custom made guitar.

My father likes building guitars and we team-up: he does the wooden part and I do the electronics. In the photo I am welding all the wiring linking mics, tune and volume controls, etc. It's a fun project.

Welcome to Zubatomic Guitars (It's a thing now)

We decided to use my brand Zubatomic for the guitars we are building. If you are curious to see how the guitars look click here.

Stanford pre-collegiate computer science

In 2018 I joined the pre-collegiate course on UX design at Stanford and in 2019 I went back to Stanford to study artificial intelligence. Here I met Abhijeet and Madhav, two great friends.

I recommend the subredit r/programmerHumor
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